Unique Quality of Living Space.

Take the opportunity to live in an apartment which is everything you have ever dreamed of.

Harmony of Luxury & Nature

Breath of Fresh Air

The natural surroundings offer you piece and quiet which you could never get at any other location in the city. Enjoy the fresh air and unique ambient.

Premium Building Quality

The highest quality natural materials, the most up-to-date heating & cooling systems and the ceiling height of 3.30m guarantee your maximum comfort.

Flowing Space Principle

The living room, kitchen and dining room area are all connected in one joined space, which creates a special openness of space highlighted with panoramic windows.

Stambeni kompleks Green Hill se sastoji od 6 lamela.

The whole area is divided into six buildings (A, C, D, E, F, G), two different freestanding and four mutually connected residential buildings.

Each building residence is made of basement where garage space and technical facilities are placed, following the 4 levels on the ground.

Highlight – ground floor apartment (G21)

3D prikaz - stan G31.
Osnova stana - prizemlje G21.

Apartment Units